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Migration over the states and ownership and designation from an AM to an FM call sign WMCW comes to a full circle.
First owner was Ms. Esther Blodgett, who purchased the letters directly from the US Treasury and operated her station till her 80's  whole heartedly  over the years serving three counties;
McHenry, Boone and Walworth counties  in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Call sign stood for the 'MILK Capital of the WORLD'  for the designated historical name for the town of Harvard, IL. Where they still hold the famous MILK DAY PARADE  and the coronation of that year's  MILK  DAY  BEAUTY QUEEN. A tradition that started in 1942 and still goes on today in the 1st week of JUNE each  year drawing an ever growing crowd of over 25,000 locals and visitors. 
The parade heads down the MILKY WAY in downtown, where the pavement is painted white for 2 hours. The Queens are chosen from the prettiest high school girls from locally, after coronation the queen  makes her debut in the parade by stepping out of a huge milk bottle, being driven through town in the parade,  on the MILKY WAY. 
A huge fiberglass cow named 'HARMILDA', is the traditional mascot for the festivities, for photos  visit ;  
Other facts we like to add that our Director and President, GREG SHERLOCK at the age of 17 as a budding broadcaster and later by new owners in his late  20's,  was employed  1rst. at  WMCW-AM by Ms. Esther  Blodgett, Greg was the  MILK DAY reporter also the interviewer of the locally , very successful ' Breakfast with your Neighbor' show.   GREG was a sad witness to MS. Ester's tears as she sold her station, that she had for many years and watched GREG helping to carry the station's equipment downtown for the new owners. After the new ownership, the station folded, the call letters retired for over 20 years now and came alive as WMCW-FM  by us asking  the FCC a favor to release it  to us.  On an interesting note, Ms Esther signed off WMCW-AM  on March 15th, saying: 'This is the IDES of March and WMCW is signing off, we love you all!  Now WE are  coming back on air in March 2014 as WMCW-FM  RADIO, completing the historical circle.  

These call letters obtained for ASTOR COMMUNITY RADIO, in a another quaint town of Astor, Lake  County, Florida, it is a  sentimental victory, bringing back lots of memories , We believe  Ms. Esther would be pleased to hear her special call letters come alive again as an FM being on the air waves.  Our call letters stand for ' The MUSIC  CHOICE of the WORLD' 
due to the fact of our music direction and huge music library of all genre of music and a 24/7 pledge  for on air entertainment, backed by being an award winner since 2003,  for 35 years broadcasting as an advocate for the BIG BANDS and being chosen to receive on February 5th 2003 and becoming a
                    back to the TOP OF THE PAGE hit on blue letters 

ownership change 3 times, before going off the air, retiring the call sign into FCC's file vault and sleeping , seemed like forever till it is woken up as WMCW FM  Station call sign  for Astor Community Radio, in Astor , Lake County, FL.  USA 
STUDIO # I.  1-352-759-2646