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         VANESSA ALLEN MARSHALL                                      BILL GRATTON                                                        DAVID ZETTEL    


WMCW 97.7 FM, originates and operated locally from ASTOR, Lake County, FL. USA

The town of ASTOR itself sits on the banks of the  famous St. Johns River, that flows North among many interesting sites along the river. Astor as a "Pretty Lady" sits on both side of the river, connecting Lake and Volusia Counties.

You find the historical ASTOR traveling on St. Rd.#40  from the East , Ormond Beach going west toward OCALA, connecting  to Hwy 75. 

ASTOR and ASTOR Park sits on the edge of the famous OCALA National Forest Preservation hosting many wild live, most noted are the Black Bears.

Locals try not to spoil the young cubs with left overs,

sometimes Mama Bears and their young cubs need to be escorted back to the forest, by wild live advocates, without harm so they can learn to survive and forage in the forest. 

Yearly communities along the river host the famous traditional   CHRISTMAS BOAT PARADE  follow the links                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

ASTOR COMMUNITY RADIO is a nonprofit entity, operation cost is supported by out of pocket 

by its directors and donations from it's members.     

Our Director History: 2008 - 2013 (see Below)

Directors help to maintain the content integrity what goes on air. We are committed  to bring you our programming also through the Internet , so we can have Global coverage combined with local coverage.

 LOCAL DIRECTORS:                                                          

President, GREG SHERLOCK,  brings 30 years of broadcast experience  to the operating controls   

                                                      as the "Singing DJ" will bring you your overnight enjoyment,

                                                      a  3 hour show titled "Melody of  Love"

Music  requests

GREG  has been awarded the BIG BAND HALL OF FAME LIFETIME AWARD for promoting the era of the BIG BANDS 

V-President: A. J. KOTZIAN brings 20 years of broadcast experience, in charge of:

                                           programming, managing the daily log, pre-selecting potential

                                           DJ talents, religious shows, ethnic hours, kids corner

       A. J.  is the  Webmaster for  ,

 enjoy visiting our sister website  for DJ pictures and biography

if you think you have what it takes submit resumes show samples, write to

Director :  Mrs. Marie-Luoise Baldridge  will fill in for Pastor ORVILLE Baldridge, who unfortunately passed away 

on Sept.10th 2014, due to cancer caused by 'AGENT ORANGE' heartfelt blessing goes out to the family

                   " Breakfast with Your Neighbor" interview show will be hosted by GREG SHERLOCK or other substitute hosts

plans are made to STARTING  INTERVIEWS later part in 2015  from the friendly places of various local Restaurants in ASTOR

9:00-10:00 AM  will  PRERECORD and play back

  meeting with community members, businesses, local resident groups on any subject, that could interest our listeners , meeting in restaurants for breakfast daily, come and speak up on issues that bother you or talk about town's history as you remember to submit your topic and when you are available get in touch with: 

Director: RON MARSHALL brings 35 years wide spectrum of broadcast experience, as TV and Radio engineer and a booming great voice on Radio. RON and his lovely wife Vanessa will be our 'Morning Roosters' 

with their  WAKE UP TO COUNTRY GOLD Show  bringing their great collection of country music.

with any  song request write to

Local Goodwill Ambassador: DAVID ZETTEL

Coast to Coast National Coorespondent: OSCAR POOLE

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