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                Wake up to the COUNTRY GOLD SHOW 
            Meet our" MORNING ROOSTERS'' RON MARSHALL and his lovely wife  VANESSA MARSHALL

These two GREAT DJs and GREAT FRIENDS of ours agreed to join us in our new programming efforts to bring  great country entertainment to  you locally and globally by  bringing with them their substantial country music library and them enjoy sharing their favorite  country music style,   from 'COUNTRY CLASSIC' to new country.  
Both of these great individuals come with intensive broadcast experience.

RON MARSHALL  brings 35   years wide spectrum of broadcast experience, as TV and Radio engineer and a booming great voice on Radio. 

VANESSA has 25 years broadcast experience as newscaster, traffic reporter. voice over, music show host for The AMERICAN  CLASSIC GOLD SHOW.  The MARSHALL'S combined love and dedication to this genre reflects, through their library selection and their entertaining commentary.   For their biography visit :  , for song requests write to : 

ASTOR COMMUNITY  RADIO   brings COUNTRY GOLD show to you to wake up to, linger with your cup of  coffee and enjoy the start of a new day. If you like this kind of entertainment, please help to support the airtime cost of this show.