'Where the LEGENDS Live', 'Home of the Hits', Playing All the Music You Grew Up With!

            Midnight Showcase " Melody of LOVE"   presently this show is under re-production, announcement will be given 
 Director  and  President ,  "The  Music Professor"   GREG SHERLOCK , the " Singing DJ"

Originates , programmed locally from our REMEMBER WHEN PRODUCTION STUDIO, that holds so much collected LP's, CD's, personal interviews, that we call ourselves,    'Where The Music Never Dies' and never repeats, only by request.
IF you like what you hear, you may request songs  write to; we will notify you what day you may hear it in the dedication hour announced by 'the Professor',
You may hear individual songs, GREG sings in his unique style on U-TUBE, he will incorporate serenading you all with his romantic recordings, during midnight hours also for pictures, biography, awards go to

We know, that you'll love the MIDNIGHT SHOWCASE, that it got it's inspiration from WGN , Chicago, IL. back in the 60's and 70's Franklyn Mac Cormick  had his famous all night showcase sponsored by Meister Brau singularly for 12 years. The show was extremely  popular, we hope we can recreate same style and popularity locally, globally again. 
Some of you will find it in your heart to sponsor this showcase's 6 hour production cost, due to the fact, that  ASTOR COMMUNITY RADIO IS a nonprofit entity.  
The Midnight Showcase  hallmark is the poem ' HOW DO I LOVE THEE' read  by Franklyn Mac Cormack and Greg Sherlock similarly famous for his introduction style, that is how he got "the Professor" title. Just to he hear his introduction to each song and anecdote about the musicians and artists is priceless and the interviews unforgettable.  This is a show to relax with, but not to fall asleep with, it will make you want to hear more. 
THE MIDNIGHT SHOWCASE IS EDUCATIONAL AND  IT IS A CLASSY ENTERTAINING PROGRAM. Make a date nightly with the 'Music Professor' for requests write to;
Listen a couple of nights  and if you like, what hear, please consider  to sponsor the programming of this 3 hour dedicated show's considerable production cost, THANK YOU!                                                              
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