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Not so lately a very lively  gentlemen walked through our door, saying; 
I'm so glad to meet you all before , I go back to GA. in 2 days, but I'll be back in the fall. As he talked about his traveling plans through out the country meeting with dignitaries, we decided right there and then , we'll interview him before he leaves town. 
The gentlemen was OSCAR POOLE, who poses  a magnetic charm and an bubbly presence about him, as he was talking I looked into his eyes,  we connected mind to mind , heart to heart. I was pleased with finding a pure heart, clear minded soul, who could match my goals and aspirations, likewise we could reciprocate in his goals. THE REST IS HISTORY. 

We got to meet a preacher, accomplished piano player , published author, world traveler, a self made businessman. Jokingly he says he is Centurian, just celebrated 
his 85th year. Right now he has an energy force of a 50 year old, most people hard to keep up with him.

Oscar was our Coast to Coast National correspondent for WMCW 97.7 FM, the modern day 'Paul Harvey'

OSCAR spent the summer months in East Ellijay , GA. 75 miles north of ATLANTA, where his family BBQ Restaurant  is a 30+ years old landmark in GA. A landmark attraction for visitors returns to and where he holds his inspirational rallies, with huge turn outs.  He calls East Ellijay , the National Headquarters of  ENCOURAGEMENT Capitol of the WORLD.

Enjoy new recordings and interviews with OSCAR AND FRIENDS!

Oscar Poole's trademark suite is a yellow jacket, yellow pair of pants, and American flag tie and a tall hat, he can't be missed in that outfit.

Oscar has a large number of Facebook friends. Listen to his daily thoughts, and videos. Oscar welcomes everyone to be interested in in Personal Empowerment.

NOV. 1st. 2015 as one of the towns snowbird, famed resident is back in town . 
Welcome Home!