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   WMCW 97.7 FM 

The best music choice in River Country along Our St.John River, Astor, FL.


'Let us Entertain You'

Join us locally, nationwide and globally for an all day enjoyable musical experience 24/7  


UPDATE: June 4th, 4:00 pm

WMCW FM 97.7 Transmitter Update:

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you,

Our WMCW FM 97.7 New Transmitter fundraiser was a huge success and thanks to oh so many listeners, supporters and donations received. We are over the Top, funds have been fully received, transmitter was ordered, delivered, and installed.

We are now back 'On the Air' both locally at 97.7 FM and Worldwide streaming from

So many special thank you's, including Our fundraiser on Sat. May 4th at the Rhythm Ranch, to the many many anonymous and individual donations received. Thank-you to so many. Our WMCW team is very appreciative.

HATS OFF Astor, FL. 32102 and Surrounding Communities.
HATS OFF World Wide Web supporters and listeners.

Astor Community Radio WMCW FM 97.7 will continue on!

Thanks to All. Lets All continue to enjoy and support,

'The Music We Grew Up With'


 WMCW 97.7 FM' President-Director, Singing DJ,  Member of Big Band 'Hall of Fame'
              GREG SHERLOCK        

             WMCW97.7 LP-FM,

ASTOR, Florida, 32102

office # 1-352-575-7893 

is a nonprofit ENTITY underwritten by


          WMCW Board of Directors:

President:     GREG SHERLOCK  Treasurer:     DAVID ZETTEL 

Director:          ANNETTE PAGE 


           GREG SHERLOCK

      Production Director, Programming, Singing DJ, Operations Director.




Runs:  Mon, Wed, Fri 9 am


               DAVID ZETTEL

     Goodwill Ambassador, IT, Promotions, Programming, Production, Remote Broadcast, and Operations.  

                  GAIL SHEFFLER

  Sales, Devotions 

                BILL GRATTON

      Southern Gospel Hour, Sunday, 7am - 8am, 

Bill Gratton Show  Sunday, 

1pm - 4pm

            BARRY SHEFFLER

Sales, Production

            WMCW 97.7 LP-FM

Locally Operated: Programming Originates           from 56005 Blue Creek Rd.

Astor,  Lake County, Florida, 32102  USA

           Business # : 352-575-7893

     All Donations are welcomed and


                  Please send to: 

                   Greg Sherlock 

                   c/o WMCW FM

             56005 Blue Creek Road

                 Astor, FL 32102